Thursday, December 09, 2004

Crush (Hillcrest)

Hillcrest is the predominantly gay area of town and the place that we presently call home. There are lots of little nooks & crannies to forage around, so if you find a good parking spot (and that's not really easy), then spend some time walking around. Here's a spot to check out:

Crush: This little bar is on University Ave sandwiched between a small flower stand and some restaurant which I haven't visited yet. Strangely enough there aren't alot of patrons but there should be! They have some very tasty tapas, particularly the mediterranean smorgasbord (my apologies for the linguistic mix), and perky hot toddies. There is other stuff on the menu, but I haven't made my way through it completely. So far, I have two words for this place - Yum "E" Price is moderate, but add a few drinks and that can get a bit more "moderate"...and I ALWAYS add a "few" drinks (smirk).


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