Thursday, December 09, 2004

Hash House (Hillcrest/Balboa Park)

Oh my f**k is this place D.G. (Damn Good)! Eating there is like gulping the "drink me" bottle and sliding into a tastebud-tantalizing Wonderland. The comical element of the size of the plates (really, they're platters - let's just call it like it is, shall we?) makes even a big-boned individual such as myself feel rather svelte. That is, until you eat. The theme here is supposed to be midwestern, but my SO being from Indiana (and being a marvelous specimen of his ilk) it leaves me hard-pressed to imagine that stuffing that many carbs into your gullet would result in someone weighing less than a metric ton. So, methinks that the flavas are midwest "inspired," but the extremely generous portions are just because the chef/owner is a very magnanimous person. Prices are reasonable (that is to say you can split a platter for about $8/person). Espresso is also excellent (and that's high praise coming from a former Seattlelite and current coffee snob). But while I mention espresso, I'm NOT talking about the super-sweet concoctions on the menu...those look a bit too much like dessert, so I'll try them at night.


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