Thursday, May 11, 2006

5/11/06 - One more thing - on Sundays between 9a - 1p, the Hillcrest Farmer's Market has a shitload of fresh organic and conventional produce, nuts, plants, granola, beans, & flowers. They also have crafty people displaying their wares, AND a food area at the backside (near the DMV building). Within that food area are certain "must try" items: african samosas, flourless chocolate cake, chile relleno, and argentian sausage & empanadas to name a few items! It is one of my favorite things to do on the weekend. It's nice to walk around, people-watching, sampling foodstuffs, and then having some grub while sitting on the sidewalk. Our girl loves to rip into the fruits & veggies that I pass on to her (with her 2 little budding teeth) - and you get some sunshine & quality time w/family, friends, or even alone. The market is on Normal Street at the DMV. Parking is atrocious, so get there early because not only are you fighting for spots w/market-goers, but churches as well. Support our local farmers and give directly to them when you can.


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