Thursday, November 18, 2004

In the beginning, there was (sun)light...

and now me & my SO (significant other) are living in San Diego amongst all the other warmth-seeking population.

As a recent transplant from Seattle (where delicious food and great people abound), I have been trying to slowly feel my way about town for cheap eats. Of course, being "good eats" is certainly assumed as a priority above all else. Well, my road is still not too well-traveled, but let me share some tidbits I have discovered. Now, when I say "cheap" I'm not talking about surviving ala Madonna-style on popcorn in NYC, so there's going to be some places that hover around $20 a pop w/some refreshment on the side. But that's not because I shun other places, only cause I haven't gotten to them yet - so be fricken patient. Also, I have some tips on places to AVOID because either the food stinks or the staff sucks. Eating out should be a fun experience, not one that makes you feel like crap. Good vibes are key to my experiences.

Obviously, I assume that these places have been on the SD culinary map for some time, but if not (and a finger-waggling "shame on you" to food critics here) then check out the areas. Enjoy!