Monday, April 11, 2005

Breakfast at The Big Kitchen (South Park)

Alrighty - found another little neighborhood gem. Well actually it's been around since 1980, AND featured on Food Network, but it's a new find to me! Kind of a hole-in-wall joint (intentionally) with a relaxed flava and good eats. Breakfast fare is typical (eggs, BIG pancakes, muffins, meat, etc), the prices are very reasonable (about $6~$9 not incl. tax), and the portions are decent (not huge, but not tiny). A regular customer told me that people swear by the muffins & coffee cake there as well (which I didn't try for lack of stomach space).

The owner is a funky, socially & community-minded woman named Judy (the "beauty on duty" says the menu) who seems to have a fondness for French greetings, the Grateful Dead, and hiring cute wait staff :). While we were there, regular customers were greeted not only with "bonjour," but a hug & kiss as well. It's worth your time to get down to Grape & 30th (I think the exact address is 3003 Grape) and check it out, but leave any fussiness or attitude at the door PUH-LEASE. (Note: apparently Whoopie Goldberg waited tables there, and Rachel Ray published one of the tofu recipes in her "$40 a day" book.) I can't wait to try lunch there...